3 Types Of Evidence That You Can Gather For A Domestic Assault Case

In order to make sure that your domestic assault case is successful, you will want to make sure that it is as strong as possible. This involves gathering evidence of the assault. There are many different forms of evidence. The following lists three forms of evidence and the best ways of obtaining them.

1. Witness Testimony

One of the most important types of evidence is witness testimony. Having other people verify that what you say is true and that the facts you present are, indeed, facts, then you will be able to greatly strengthen your case. Before the court date, contact anyone who you think could be a witness. This could be neighbors who heard a disturbance from your home, family members who witnessed the first signs of abusive behavior, or friends to whom you confided. See if any of these people would be willing to come and give testimony in person on your court date. If there is a person who you think would make a great witness but is not willing to appear in court, see if they would be willing to write down their testimony. You can give this testimony to your attorney, who might be able to use it.

2. Evidence that you Filed a Police Report or that the Police Were Involved

Another strong piece of evidence is the police report that you filed after the incident. Even if you didn't file a formal report with the police, you can use the police to strengthen your case if they were ever called to your home by your neighbors because there was a disturbance. Showing that the incident or incidents were intense enough to require police involvement will make it easier for the judge to believe that there has been a problem.

3. Pictures of Injuries or Broken Household Items

Take pictures of any injuries that you may have sustained during the course of abuse. It is best if these pictures have dates on them so that the judge can see if they match up with the timeline in your account of the events. Taking pictures of smashed furniture or other destroyed household goods will also show that there was violence in your home. Make sure that the pictures of broken objects are also dated in order to strengthen the timeline set by your story. 

For more information about how to make your domestic assault case stronger, talk to a domestic assault attorney (such as The Law Office of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C.).

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