3 Tips For Settling Your Personal Injury Case

If you have been injured due to the fault of another person, you're likely to be involved in a legal dispute. The challenges of civil litigation are many and may even disrupt your life. You will have a chance to end the dispute and settle the case at mediation. This is the time that the court demands you meet with the other party to attempt to agree on a settlement amount. Knowing tips that will aid your success can be of the utmost importance if you're in this situation.

Tip #1: Talk to your attorney

The most effective way to help you prepare for mediation is by meeting with your lawyer. This can help you get any of your questions answered. Here are ones you should ask: in the meeting:

1. What is the process of mediation?

2.  What amount of money do you think I should offer or accept?

3.  How long does mediation typically take?

4.  How many people will be in attendance and who will be there?

5.  Is it okay to bring along a person for added support?

6.  What happens if a settlement isn't reached?

7.  Who is responsible for paying the cost for the mediator?

Tip #2: Acknowledge your opponent

Mediation isn't the time to be rude or disrespectful to the other legal party. You don't have to engage in a full-blown conversation, but it's important to speak to this individual and avoid saying anything negative during mediation.

Tip #3: Know your case

The job of the mediator is to go back and forth between you and the other party to negotiate an amount to end the dispute. One thing that can be helpful to you is to know your case inside and out beforehand. Use the opportunity to talk to the mediator when this person enters the room to deliver an offer.

This will allow you to bring things to the attention of the mediator to discuss with your opponent. Being able to identify parts of the case that could allow you pay or take less may be extremely helpful at this time.

Finally, mediation is the time when you can turn your case around and end the turmoil of civil litigation. Be sure to discuss the details of this critical meeting with your personal injury attorney to learn more ways to aid you in reaching an agreement and moving on with your life.

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