4 Important Things To Do Before A Divorce

If you or your spouse have been talking about divorce, there are a few important things to do first that will ensure that you are protected during the course of the divorce process. After all, you want to be sure that the outcome of your divorce is fair. Here are four important things to do before your divorce:

  1. Talk to Your Attorney About State Laws: Visiting with an attorney is important so that you can discuss the specific laws of your state. Every state varies in how divorce is dealt with, so it's important to know some of the facts that are revolved around your specific situation and state in which you are going to be going through the divorce process. Don't rely on the information of other friends or family who have been through a divorce, because every situation is unique and there is a chance that laws have changed since their divorce. 
  2. Don't Move Out Until You Talk to Your Attorney: Many of those who are going through a divorce, especially men, will choose to move out of the marital home. However, this is not something you should do before speaking with your attorney. Most of the time, moving out of the marital home leads to you not being able to collect alimony. Most likely, the only situation in which your attorney will suggest you move out is if your spouse is violent, which should also lead to filing for a restraining order.
  3. Talk to Your Attorney About an Affair: If you had an affair, you should discuss this with your attorney. This is because in some states having an affair is illegal, which leads to you not being able to collect alimony in the case of your divorce. Don't attempt to hide this fact because of that though. This is because if the court finds out or if your spouse already knows, then this can be held against you further during the process of settling your divorce terms. 
  4. Protect Your Assets: Before going through a divorce, it's best to protect your assets by closing joint accounts and getting your own account, as well as changing the responsible name on bills. You should also take measures to protect other assets, such as your computer, furniture, and more. Talk to your attorney about the best way to do this, because you don't want it to seem like you're withholding your spouse's right to any of their own property. 

When you follow these steps before going through a divorce, the actual divorce process should be somewhat simplified and the chance of you having a better outcome is higher, especially with a divorce attorney by your side. 

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