3 Reasons To Do Mediation When Going Through A Divorce

If you are going through a divorce, you might be wondering if you should try mediation first. In almost every situation the answer is yes. Mediation is the best way to solve a divorce, and get it done quickly and for the least amount of money. Here are some things that you should know about mediation.

1. The Court May Require Mediation

One of the first reasons that you should do mediation is that it could very well be required by the court. Some judges won't even hear your case unless you have already tried mediation. They may even make you try it again if the first time failed. This is because the courts are so bombarded with divorce cases that they need to weed it out to people who truly need a judge to decide. Second, mediation is better in the eyes of the court, because the two parties are solving their problems in a way that works for both parties rather than being ordered to do something. Thus, you shouldn't even attempt to go before a judge unless you have tried mediation.

2. Mediation Is Cheaper

Another thing that many people do not understand is that mediation will save you thousands of dollars. When you do mediation, you will need to pay your attorney's fees, and the mediator's fees. It often takes about a day to resolve everything, and then of course the time to prepare, which isn't usually too much. Conversely, if you go to court, you will pay thousands of dollars in litigation fees. Litigation attorneys tend to be more expensive. The amount of time and energy that it takes to get to court is much more than mediation, so your legal bills could increase signficantly. Plus, you may have extra filing fees. You might think that going to court is the best thing for you, but really it isn't unless you have an extenuating circumstance.

3. Mediation Is Easier To Amend

Lastly, mediation is a more flexible route. If, down the road, you decide that you want to take a job in a different state, you can go back to the attorney, and the two of you can work out a custody agreement that will work with your new job. If everything was done in court, it can be a lot harder to change because you are court ordered to do something.

As you can see, mediation is the best option to solve your divorce. 

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