What Are The Laws Surrounding Process Servers?

Is it time to send a process server for your suit? A process server is an individual who is skilled at delivering official documents. Process servers are neutral parties that can show that an individual has been served, helping the process along in court. That being said, there are still some things a process server isn't allowed to do.

Process Servers Can't Put Things in the Mail

If you want to send something by mail, it's better to send it through your lawyer with a certified letter. A certified letter can request a signature which does serve as proof that the individual in question received the notice. The USPS officially owns mailboxes, so anything that isn't sent out through a mail service cannot be put in a postal mail box or mail slot.

Process Servers Can't Wear a Disguise

There are many movies and television shows that show a process server popping up as a waitress or doorman. However, a process server actually isn't allowed to wear a disguise. The individual has to know that they are being served and that they're being served by a process server. Thus, the idea of sending a process server along dressed like a cop isn't going to be applicable.

That being said, it also isn't an issue because most process servers don't need disguises. Process servers are very skilled at what they do and they know how and when to approach a person. They can usually serve someone fairly quickly even if that individual has been dodging all other methods.

Process Servers Can't Trespass

A process server can't go on private property without permission; that's trespassing. However, they can wait outside of private property, which is often what they end up doing. Many process servers will wait outside of a home or outside of an office in order to serve someone. 

What does this mean for you? It may take a day or two for a process server to complete serving, as they can't just walk into a home or private office where they aren't wanted. However, they will likely be able to serve the person at the first available time.

Your lawyer can tell you more about the process of sending out a server and whether your case needs one. If you want to hurry your case around, purchasing the services of a process server through a company like AAA Attorney Service Co Of Ny Inc can help. Furthermore, it's often less expensive than continuing to attempt to contact them through other means.

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