When A Private Disability Insurance Company Denies Your Claim

Living with a disability can cause all sorts of financial hardship, particularly if a sudden injury leads to the medical condition. For many people, the loss is significant. As a result, innocent victims turn to their private disability insurance company for assistance with their financial struggles. 

Unfortunately, some people don't always get the greeting they expected and instead have their claims denied. If you faced a similar scenario, it's normal to feel hopeless, but remember — you do have options. Learn what you can do if the insurance company has denied your claim. 

Look at the Policy

Thoroughly review your insurance policy. As part of the denial, the insurance company is required by law to provide you with a formal record that outlines why your claim was denied along with any supporting evidence to back their decision. 

If the claim was denied due to a policy limit, look at your policy to ensure the information is accurate. Humans process insurance claims, so the threat of human error is not non-existent. If the information in your policy does not match the denial, contact the insurance company immediately.  

Order More Testing

A common reason for a denied disability claim is a lack of medical documentation to support the claim. For example, the insurance company may deny your claim because although there is evidence that your leg is injured, there is no evidence that suggest the condition is long-term nor debilitating enough to keep you from working. 

If you receive a denial for lack of medical documentation, order more testing. You can never have enough testing to support your claim. You may also want to visit more than one doctor to verify your claim with a second opinion. 

File a Formal Appeal

You have a legal right to have your claim reassessed after a denial. However, the insurance company is not going to reach out to you to grant this right. It is your responsibility to file a formal appeal. While the appeal is basically a continuation of your initial claim, in terms of the information you must submit, the appeal process is almost like starting a new claim. 

So, ensure you include all the information you included the first time, as well as any new documentation you have. Additionally, you do have a set period in which you must file an appeal. Ensure you don't allow the appeal period to expire. 

Don't battle a massive insurance company on your own. Partner with someone who knows how insurance companies operate, but most importantly, knows the law. Speak with an attorney, such as from Iler and Iler, who will partner with you to ensure your rights are protected. 

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