How To Help A Troubled Family Member With The Aid Of A Bail Bondsman

In every group or family, there is one person who is the wild child. In some cases, they just tend to stand out from the group. In more serious cases, they may be likely to get in trouble with the law. If you have a family member who has been in legal trouble several times, and shows no signs of slowing, the family may be exasperated having to constantly get them out of trouble. Once the family member gets in trouble again and needs to be bailed out, this is the best time to get them permanent help. Here are some tips on how you can help a troubled family member, especially with a cooperating 24 hour bondsman

Have the bondsman help with presenting an ultimatum

If your family member has promised not to get into trouble previously, this is the best time to start laying down ground rules. Let your troubled family know that this is the last time that anyone will come to bail them out. The bail bondsman can also let them know they will not offer them a bond again. Being backed into a corner with no options for help if they get into any more legal trouble means that they are more likely to agree to get help. 

Come up with a plan

In order for a troubled person to get better, they need to have an actionable plan for changing their life. This often starts with a change in behavior. At the bail bond office, come up with a plan for your loved one to make positive changes that can keep them out of trouble. This plan should include them working on a regular basis, spending time with family and friends that are a good influence, and dealing with old debts and legal troubles. Keeping busy with an action plan will keep individuals on a straight and narrow path. 

Have them go back to the bonds office regularly

Bail bondsmen can revoke bonds if the person gets into any trouble, does not remain in contact, or is otherwise acting inappropriately Have your family member agree that the bail can be revoked if they do not go to the bonds office on a regular basis to receive any testing that they need. Depending on your family members issues, they should also agree to go to counseling and attend any 12 step programs that are specifically formulated from the office. Having to answer to the bail bondsman that is keeping them free will keep them accountable. 

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