What Happens When Your Spouse Does Not Hire An Attorney For Your Divorce?

A divorce is a tough situation for all involved. What can make the situation even more difficult is if your spouse chooses to not retain an attorney for the divorce. This can cause problems not only for your spouse but for you as well. If this happens in your divorce, you need to know what can happen. Here are some things that could happen if your spouse does not hire an attorney for his or her representation during the divorce:

The Divorce Can Take Longer

If your spouse opts to forgo legal representation and instead represent him or herself, the entire divorce can take longer to finalize. The job of a divorce attorney is to represent the client through speaking for the client, ensuring proper documents are submitted by strict deadlines, and provide the client with directions throughout the process.

When your spouse does not have legal expertise, he or she will not know what paperwork needs to be turned in, at what time, and where to file them. When this happens, there can be delays in court dates because you will have to reschedule hearings when anything is late or missed by your spouse.

There Can Be Errors

When your spouse does not hire a divorce attorney, the likelihood of errors is high. Your spouse will not have anyone to ask questions, which can lead to errors and mistakes. Also, one or both of you may need to amend documents or make changes to the settlement. If you and your spouse cannot effectively communicate about the changes, you have to do so amicably. If you are both under stress, errors can be made.

Your Attorney Cannot Help

Your spouse may want to ask your attorney for help during the divorce process. Although your spouse can ask, your attorney cannot provide assistance. Doing so can lead to a conflict of interest. In fact, most states hold that a couple cannot use the same attorney for a divorce.

You May Feel You Have Lost Control

When you go to court, your attorney will be the primary person speaking for you and completing a lot of work in your name. Your spouse will be doing all the talking and preparation for his or her part of the case. This may upset you, and you may feel like you have no control, especially if your spouse speaks poorly of you. However, your attorney will have your back and ensure all decorum is followed in court. A judge will also not stand for a grandstanding and will instead rely on facts backed by evidence. Trust your representation to be all the help you need. To learn more, speak to a professional who works in divorce law

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