Terminating Parental Rights -- What You Need To Know

If you have questions about terminating your parental rights, you are not alone. Many people have concerns about their rights as parents, and some wonder if termination is the right option. Others fear termination and want to do everything possible to prevent it.

If you have questions about terminating your rights, this is what you need to know about family law and your case.

Why Are Parental Rights Terminated?

There are many situations in which one might have their parental rights terminated. For example, the government could determine that a child lives in an unsafe home or that one parent is abusive or dangerous for the child to be around. Rights could be terminated if a parent is incarcerated or if a parent voluntarily signs away their rights to the child.

As you can see, these types of cases can be quite complex. Each case is complicated because parents have different relationships, and some cases may involve other legal situations. All of this means you should speak with an attorney about your case.

When Can Your Rights Be Terminated Involuntarily?

One concern many parents have is that their rights to a child could be terminated without their consent. Involuntary termination means that the child may then face adoption by another party, guardianship with another family member, or placement in foster care.

Often, you will receive a warning before this happens. For instance, you may have your rights temporarily revoked for a set period of time. The court will then determine what happens next if you have resolved issues previously pointed out to you.

When Can Your Rights Be Terminated Voluntarily?

You may choose to terminate your parental rights as well. In these cases, the court makes a decision based on what it believes will be in the best interest of the child. The court will determine the kind of relationship you have with the child, if you pay child support, and if an older child also expresses they would like this. The court will also consider the safety of the child as well as any other issues related to their well-being.

An attorney can help you file to have your rights terminated if this is what you wish to do moving forward.

Consult With a Family Lawyer

If you want to terminate your rights, fight for your parental rights, or otherwise inquire about your current parental situation, you should consult with a family lawyer. Family law professionals understand your situation and can help you strengthen your case. 

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