What To Expect When A Defendant You Bailed Out Skips Bail

Bailing someone out who has skipped bail in the past can be nerve-wracking. You may be concerned that history will repeat itself and you may wonder what to say to a bail agent after the defendant fails to show. There are steps you should take to make sure that you do not lose your money.

Contact the Defendant

Encourage the defendant to turn themselves in. The bail agent might attempt to capture the defendant with the help of a bounty hunter. However, you might be required to pay an indemnitor for any costs that resulted from having to capture the defendant.

If you convince the defendant to return on their own, you can then fill out a form and send it to the police to inform them that the defendant has been returned. A bail agent is the best person to contact because they will often be the most experienced in handling this type of case when there is a failure to appear warrant.

How to Communicate with the Bail Agent

Do not lie to the bail agent because they are only there to help you and it will be more difficult for the bail agent to help you if you lie to them. The bail agent will already be informed of the crimes committed and the individual's criminal history and will have factored this into the bond.

There Might Be a Legitimate Excuse

There can often be a legitimate excuse for why an individual has failed to appear in court. This could be due to extreme weather, a natural disaster, or even a kidnapping. The courts will typically want there to be an extreme reason for failing to appear and a mild cold will not be considered acceptable. However, you will want to courts to be informed as soon as possible.

The Bond Agent May Be Able to Return the Defendant

A bondsman will sometimes hire a bounty hunter so they can return the defendant. This depends on the state in which the bond agent operates but all states allow agents to recover defendants to some extent.

When to Pay for the Bail Bond Service

Even if you are required to pay the bail agent, you will want to pay the full amount as soon as possible. By doing so, you may be able to receive a discount. As long as you are in close communication with the agent, things will go much better than you might think. Speak with someone in your area for more information.

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