Missing A Loved One? How To Find Them And Get Them Out Of Jail

If you find that a loved one is in jail and don't know what to do, you can feel lost and overwhelmed. Read on for some tips on locating a family member who has been arrested and what to do next to get them released.

Locating a Missing Loved One

Many people don't know where to turn when a loved one cannot be contacted. It's important to remain calm and take these steps. After phoning friends and relatives, try hospitals in the area. You can also phone law enforcement agencies in the area to find out about arrests. If that search comes up empty, begin` searching all correctional facilities in the area. Look at both city and county facilities and be sure to include nearby counties and cities when you search.

Lots of jails publish a list of those arrested or an inmate list online on their respective websites. These lists may or may not be updated regularly, however. Facilities that don't offer the means to search online for inmates often do allow family members to set up and add funds to a commissary account. Using this method, you can sometimes locate someone who has been arrested. You can search for an inmate without having to add any money to their account.

Finally, consider phoning the jails that are not accessible online or when you need additional information. Most jails have a jail roster available so be ready with the person's full name and date of birth, if possible. If they are in jail, it can be confirmed along with their charges and sometimes, the amount of their bail.

What to do Next

Once you locate your loved one, getting them out of jail is often of utmost importance. Jails are generally not nice places to spend time. They are usually crowded and very unhealthy for those incarcerated. Follow the steps below and get your loved one released from jail.

  1. Your loved one must be granted bail before they can be released. Find out when that will happen when you phone the facility.
  2. If your loved one is being denied bail, contact a criminal defense attorney for them. The attorney can, hopefully, convince the judge that your loved one is not a danger to the community or a flight risk.
  3. Bail can be expensive, but you don't necessarily have to pay the amount charged. Phone a local bail bonding agency and provide the agent with your loved one's information. Bail bonds cost a considerable amount less than the full bail amount.

Speak to a bail bonds agency and learn more about how easy bail bonding can be.

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