The Advantages Of Retaining An Experienced Local OVI Defense Lawyer

An arrest for a charge like operating a vehicle while intoxicated can result in serious legal punishments. You might have to pay an expensive fine totaling thousands of dollars. You may also have to serve weeks or longer in jail. 

However, you can also defend yourself against this charge and argue your case in court. You have the right to retain an experienced local OVI (operating a vehicle impaired) defense lawyer to represent you in this process.

Proving Your Innocence

You might have been entirely sober at the time of your arrest. The arresting law enforcement officer might have misconstrued the results of the field sobriety test. They may have also arrested you out of malice. 

When you are innocent of the charge, you need to prove to the court that you were not intoxicated and had no substances or alcohol in your system. Your OVI defense lawyer can have your blood or urine sample retested at an outside lab to show what your blood alcohol content (BAC) or level of intoxication was. They can also review and point out discrepancies in the field sobriety test and argue to the judge that you are innocent and should be found not guilty.

Arguing Down Charges

Your OVI defense lawyer may also be able to argue down the charges against you. If you are a first-time offender, for example, and did not cause any personal or property damages while driving under the influence, you may not deserve to be charged with a felony. It might make more sense for you to be charged with a misdemeanor and given a lighter sentence.

Your OVI defense lawyer can negotiate with the prosecutor or make the argument for a lighter sentence in court. Your attorney may help you avoid having to pay a costly fine and spend weeks or months behind bars.

Protecting Your Rights

Finally, your OVI defense lawyer can make sure your legal rights are protected. Your attorney can be present if or when the police question you. They can also make sure you get a timely court appearance and have a chance to argue your case in front of a jury if you want.

An experienced local OVI defense lawyer can provide vital services after your arrest. Your attorney can prove your innocence using facts from your arrest and case. Your lawyer can also argue down charges against you and make sure your rights are fully protected. 

Contact a local OVI defense lawyer to learn more. 

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