What Skills Should You Look For In A Surveillance Investigations Team

You might work for an insurance company and your team needs to know whether or not certain claims that come through your office are true and accurate. You might be someone who needs information about your ex-spouse due to a custody battle and you need proof of their illegal activities. 

There are many reasons why you might need to hire a surveillance investigations team. Law enforcement at all levels has used surveillance investigation teams to get the information they need to prove their case in court. What should you look for in a potential investigator? Here are some of the skills to look for in a surveillance investigations team.

They Have A Keen Eye For Details

Surveillance investigations teams need a keen eye for details in a case. They need above-average observation skills and will notice as much as possible about not only the person they are gathering information about but also anything around them. This will include people they meet and talk to on a daily basis, their routine, and their behavior in public.

They look for clues that can prove your case. They understand body language and will make note of anything important that could affect your case that they witness. This will all be presented in well-written reports as well as documented with photographs and videos for your use.

Technical Skills

Good surveillance investigations teams will have members who have expert technical skills. This can include computer and research skills. They can find any information they need online while having the knowledge of how to obtain that knowledge within the confines of the law. 

They will have good photography and videography skills. In order for an insurance company or a lawyer to use the evidence that a surveillance investigation team finds, especially if it's photographic or video evidence, it needs to be clear and in good resolution. A good photographer will focus on the subject at hand and what they are doing at the time.

They Have Good Communication Skills

One of the more important skills to look for in surveillance investigations teams is that they have good communication skills. This means they can ask the right questions to get the information they need. They are friendly and welcoming to those they need information from. They are able to question witnesses, family members, and law enforcement officers in an effective manner.

Communication skills are one of the more important skill sets that an investigator can have. They can learn a lot from their connection to others involved in the case and can report that information back to you.

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